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Brazilian Focus

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Manejo Alimentar Pode Influenciar no Comportamento Eqüino

O tipo de alimento e do manejo alimentar tem sido estudado com o intuito de se determinar os efeitos, se existirem, das praticas de alimentação moderna no comportamento eqüino.


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Feed Management for Horses with Neurologic Diseases

Supportive care may be necessary for horses with neurologic disease, especially for horses that have difficulty standing, moving, or eating. Kentucky Equine Research offers suggestions for feeding equines with neurologic disease.

KER Research

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body condition in show horses

How Does Body Type Relate to Insulin Level in Performance Horses and Ponies?

This study was conducted to quantify whether body condition was related to resting insulin, glucose, and triglycerides.


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Cushing's horses

Pergolide Available in Tablets for Horses with PPID

Pergolide is the medication of choice to treat pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID), also called Cushing’s disease, in horses. This drug relieves the most common signs of PPID.

General Interest

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Mare and foal

Signs Indicate Thoroughbred Market Will Continue Upswing

After a crash in the Thoroughbred market in 2008, many breeders opted for temporary retirement for the less well-bred broodmares under their care. This narrowing of the breeding population led to fewer foals presented for sale.