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Brazilian Focus

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horse eating grain in stall

Citrus Pulp: A New Ingredient for Horse Feeds?

Citrus pulp, the material left over when orange juice is produced, contains fiber and carbohydrates, two of the staples of equine diets.Can citrus pulp be safely incorporated into feeds for horses?


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selenium for horses

Selenium Supplementation in Exercising Horses

Horse trainers attempt to ward off free radicals by supplementing diets with selenium. Unfortunately, this strategy may negatively impact the mitochondrion’s ability to respond and adapt to exercise for maximal energy production to fuel working muscles.

KER Research

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diets to reduce the incidence of tying-up

Can High-Fat or Low-Starch Diets Minimize Muscle Cramping in Horses?

This study was designed to determine the effects of three rations on plasma creatine kinase activity and lactate concentration in Thoroughbred horses with recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis.


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soft tissue injuries in horses

Gene Therapy for Tendon, Ligament Injuries in Horses

A novel approach to treating therapies was recently described by a group of scientists. Their technique involved using gene therapy to create specific genes that, once injected into the horse, produce proteins that help heal the injury.

General Interest

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process of weaning horse foals

Cold Weather Weaning Practices Impact Foal Health

The weaning process is one of the most stressful events in a horse's life. Stress often causes immunosuppression, leaving the foal’s immune system weaker than normal and unable to fight off infection.