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Brazilian Focus

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horse eating grain in stall

Citrus Pulp: A New Ingredient for Horse Feeds?

Citrus pulp, the material left over when orange juice is produced, contains fiber and carbohydrates, two of the staples of equine diets.Can citrus pulp be safely incorporated into feeds for horses?


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obese gelding

Equine Obesity: Researchers Investigate Molecular Biology

Obesity isn’t just a problem in humans, cats, and dogs. It is also a widespread issue affecting horses and ponies in industrialized nations, and is sometimes considered a welfare issue.

KER Research

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feeding fat

What Are the Effects of Feeding a High-Fat Diet to Horses?

A study was designed to evaluate whether adding fat to a grain meal would affect glucose and insulin responses when the level of grain intake remained the same.


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Horse muzzles

Equine Body Language

Horses don’t have a language of words that we can understand, but that doesn’t mean they don’t communicate with each other and with their human caretakers. One way to understand what a horse is saying is to pay attention to his body language.

General Interest

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New Ruling Limits Use of Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave treatment is effective for helping to heal soft tissue injuries in horses, so why is its use being limited before horses compete?