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Brazilian Focus

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Manejo Alimentar Pode Influenciar no Comportamento Eqüino

O tipo de alimento e do manejo alimentar tem sido estudado com o intuito de se determinar os efeitos, se existirem, das praticas de alimentação moderna no comportamento eqüino.


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horse with hay

Equine Forage Analysis by NIR Spectroscopy

Horse owners may want to have samples of their hay analyzed to determine carbohydrate level or other nutritional parameters. Various techniques are used to perform this analysis, one of which is near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy

KER Research

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nutrient digestibility

How is Nutrient Digestibility Determined in Horses?

Using 30 different diets, KER calculated digestibilities for numerous diets, yielding valuable information on nutrient requirements and interactions.


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Horses in winter blankets

Feeding and Caring for Horses During Cold Weather

Healthy horses usually get along fine in moderately cold weather. A little more care may be necessary for very young or very old equines as well as those that are ill or have any sort of chronic health challenge.

General Interest

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acupuncture needle

Equine Transport Stress and Pharmacopuncture

Horses show measurable signs of increased stress when they are transported. These signs are seen even in horses that have been trailered often and have never been injured during transport.