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Brazilian Focus

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horse eating grain in stall

Citrus Pulp: A New Ingredient for Horse Feeds?

Citrus pulp, the material left over when orange juice is produced, contains fiber and carbohydrates, two of the staples of equine diets.Can citrus pulp be safely incorporated into feeds for horses?


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grazing yearlings

Growing Horses: Energy, Protein, and Amino Acid Requirements

For young horses, requirements for energy and protein, and consequently amino acids, are a function of the size of the animal and the rate at which the animal is growing.

KER Research

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feeding fat

What Are the Effects of Feeding a High-Fat Diet to Horses?

A study was designed to evaluate whether adding fat to a grain meal would affect glucose and insulin responses when the level of grain intake remained the same.


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rear view of horse's back

Spinal Nerve Inflammation: Poor Prognosis in Horses

Falls, awkward movements, and getting cast in a stall can be causes of neuritis (inflammation of nerves) in the horse’s spine. Pain, stiffness, poor reflexes, and diminished function are signs that nerves in a particular area of the neck or back have been damaged by trauma or compression.

General Interest

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World Grain Harvest Predicted to Set Record

The total international grain harvest for 2013-2014 topped all previous records, and despite early doubts about this year’s yield, the numbers are now expected to be even better for 2014-2015.